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"The Best Things To Do in NYC"

- Gothamist

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                                       is a gender-defying, retro-inspired rock

                                      and roll comedy and variety show starring two real-life sisters: Maris Jones and Lavinia Jones Wright.


Together we dress as famous rockstars (The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Fleetwood Mac to name just a few) and travel back in time to present a 70s-style variety show that is fun, loose and weird, a place where rock and roll meets mainstream culture. Anything can happen and everything will.

The Jones Family Retro Show honors our love of classic rock and roll while also highlighting the fact that there was almost no representation of women in that world (and therefore very few roles for us to play unless...we embodied male characters.)


Our live show takes place every few months at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn. These shows are big events that bring together the Brooklyn performance community in a unique and exciting way, highlighting the weirdest, most wonderful performers of characters, drag, sketch comedy, musical performances, puppets, burlesque and more that NYC has to offer.


The first season of The Jones Family Retro Show ran in Fall 2017 as a series of Instagram stories. Clips, sketches and musical performances from that series are now on our Instagram feed and YouTube. The Jones Family Retro Show LIVE debuted at Muchmores in Williamsburg in the Spring of 2018 and continues at The Knitting Factory.


Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for more videos, live show updates and fun.

“Great things can happen when childhood dreams become adult (comedy) rock star magic.” -Comedy Cake

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“The ’70s variety shows you miss so much (regardless of whether you were actually alive at the time)”