The Jones Family Retro Show is two sisters - Maris Jones & Lavinia Jones Wright - making retro-inspired rock and roll comedy.

The Jones Family Retro Show is videos and a live variety show.

We dress as famous rockstars (The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Queen to name just a few) and parody rock and roll through classic concert recreations, music video parodies, fake interviews, lip sync, original music and sketch.


We parody any and all retro culture - everything from 50s sitcoms to 90s commercials - through live and filmed sketch comedy.

We host a live variety show at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn that highlights the weirdest, most wonderful performers of characters, drag, sketch comedy, musical performances, puppets, burlesque and more that NYC has to offer.​

Did we mention we are sisters?

So cool!! What do you want to do now that you know that??

Yes, totally. Great idea. 

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⭐️ The Jones Family Retro Show LIVE  ⭐️

our rock and roll comedy and variety show

will return in 2021

to The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn

The Jones Sisters (Maris Jones and Lavinia Jones Wright) want to say thank you for two amazing years of live shows. We can't wait to be with you in person again to share in the joy of comedy, rock and roll, drag, puppetry, burlesque and video. On behalf of ourselves, our house band and our cast and crew, we miss you. 



Gothamist named The Jones Family Retro Show LIVE one of

"The Best Things to do In NYC"


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We can't wait to see you soon!

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